What can I do If buyers cheated me?


I read the reviews of fiverr app on playstore, Some sellers said that, “Many buyers given the order to seller and seller complete his work before the specific delivery time and buyer give the good ratings to his gig, but after few days the buyer canceled his order.” Then what can we do to take the protection from these types of fraud buyers?


I’m thinking of posting a disclaimer that rights to my work are forfeited after a refund and I’ll be using the work on my own blog or website.


Nothing - it’s not Fiverr’s fault.

PayPal gives its buyers 180 days protection - in other words they can come back after 6 months or so and do a chargeback. This happens on every website where PayPal is used - it’s part of PayPal’s terms of service.



I saw many threads about fraud buyers ?
What’s wrong to buyers mind .


What we can do is make a topic and that contains the user names of every fraud buyer, and whenever this happen to someone, he/she post the name of the buyer in the topic.
It’ll be a reference for all sellers of Fiverr and for Fiverr’s CS as well.

Here it is
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Please do not break forum rules or encourage others to do so. Naming other Fiverr users in this way is not allowed on the forum. For any issues with fraud, contact customer support.


No - that would be against the forum rules.


just complain about him


@a_scraper is right. This isn’t nice / appreciated to name buyers on the forum and accuse them for fraud. If you want the fiverr community to be safe do forward your concern to the customer support. They’ll monition the buying behaviour of that particular buyer. If they’ll find any inappropriate thing they’ll take action.

The best practise is to Inform (the customer support), Forgive, Forget and (move) Forward.
IFFF :smile:


If I were you, I’ll do as Mrs. @meldawn9 said:

… or social media.

If you don’t mind to put yourself in a conflict with those kind of buyers, you could do this act to prevent those kinds of buyers from using your works IF they break the agreement.

I’m not offending anyone here, but the Paypal chargeback as mentioned by @offlinehelpers is sometimes used for “cheating” sellers here :persevere:


In that case, what about the time that the seller spent, trying to satisfy the clients. In vain??


It gets subtracted by karma from the life of the buyer. Then if gets allocated by the universe to good causes like giving baby white rhinos and their mums more time to outrun poachers. In fact, I have it on good authority that for every time you get cheated on Fiverr, it is equivocal in good karma to the lives of at least ten critically endangered butterflies. :slight_smile:


Pretty much yes.

The less we advertise it publically that buyers can do PayPal chargebacks and get their work for nothing, the less it might happen in the future? :wink:


Cool , so from now on , we don’t know even a bit about it :zipper_mouth_face:


If it’s a one time thing I can forgive and forget.
But the thing is, people love free stuff (all of us do).
So If Fiverr didn’t take a stand to solve this issue with PayPal, soon every buyer on Fiverr will do this and get their money back.


I found out the hard way :smile:


Fiverr should stop using PayPal… I was just cheated on two orders from a month ago… Today the client cancelled my finished 5-star-rated ![orders and Fiverr took $240 from me just because ‘client is always right’… Even when he wants to rob an innocent hard working seller…


soon every buyer on Fiverr will do this and get their money back.

Every buyer that does a chargeback gets their account removed/disabled don’t they (the terms of service says “temporarily” but it also says do that is against the TOS so maybe it’s permanent?)? While some would, not every buyer would even if they could (since it would be fraud if they used the work they got the money back from and most buyers wouldn’t want to commit fraud/copyright infringement). But also buyers wouldn’t want to lose their account/get it disabled.

Also, Fiverr says:

Fiverr reviews cases of payment provider chargebacks and disputes on behalf of Sellers. Although results vary per case due to each chargeback reason, we work hard on resolving disputes in the seller’s favor. If the chargeback case allows, Fiverr will return parts or full revenue back to Sellers.

So maybe CS could be contacted about it and may return some or all of the chargeback revenue.


Finally, I completed my first order yesterday and I have also delivered my second order, but not completed by the buyer’s side, so I’m scared if he canceled my order…


I think the only way to try to avoid it to happen is bring your clients closer, open the doors, intense comunication, feelings, do a really great job and guarantee that they liked the result. :wink:


Can any one tell me that, If my order is completed from the side of buyer, then after that he is able to cancel my order?