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What can i do in this case?

Hi community,
I have a “client”, mostly a person interested in my work.
Which asks me if I can do “x” image, to which I answer yes.

He insists that he wants me to make the image without him accepting the offer, to see if I serve what he wants (and so, I assure my future work with him)

I sent him a picture of half the job, with an “watermark” in the shape of an octopus covering half the job, and now he insists that this is not the way I should send him his request.

How can I block the “gentleman”?


If the job isn’t supposed to be with the octopus, if you wanted you could add a watermark over the whole image in such a way that he can see the ‘whole’ image but where it would be unusable with the watermark (and it could be a watermark that isn’t easy to remove). eg. you could add a semi-transparent watermark over all of it. It could be a smaller/rougher version of the whole thing if you think that would be okay or would be enough for them to decide to continue (though some might be put off with a rough version).

I think you could block him if you wanted and Fiverr asks buyers not to ask for free custom samples but it’s up to you.

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You can send him a very polite message such as:

I’m sorry but it seems we are not communicating well. It’s best if you choose one of the other great sellers on fiverr as I’m not qualified or able to do the job for you.

(He wants it free.)


Whenever someone tells you that, a good answer would be that Fiverr strongly recommends that sellers never start work until the order is placed, and/or that you’re unable to offer free custom samples, however, you’d be happy to do it for them for just (enter amount here). You could also add that giving them a free custom sample would be unfair and unprofessional to all of your buyers who have placed the orders without receiving (or asking for) free samples.

As soon as they see that they will get nothing for free, they tend to give up, and you don’t even have to block them.

It’s probably not necessary to block them. Politely telling them that you’re sorry, but that it looks like you’re not a good match for their needs should do the trick and make them go away.


What if the buyer wants to see that it’s roughly what he wanted before ordering, and that could be shown with a watermark that would make it unusable (but enough to see that it’s roughly right) without the order to make it high res and in a usable format.

Also, especially if a user is just starting out, surely you need the reviews at that time, from multiple people and a rating high enough would help so you can access buyer requests etc. Wouldn’t this help to increase orders at the start (by showing such a buyer the watermarked (maybe lower-res/maybe slightly rough image)), at least until maybe more reviews are added which could then make more images in the live gallery?

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Then the buyer should place a small test order, which could even be deducted from the actual order if they decide to move forward.

I believe there are plenty of gigs to remove watermark from images, and if I were working with this I wouldn’t trust just watermarks to keep my work.


The buyer can order the OPs basic package, which is $5. If $5 is too much, he’s not a buyer, because he’s never going to buy.


I´ll copy/paste this!
Thank you :blush:


Thank you very much everyone for your opinions. Never again pay attention to people looking for free samples!

Actually, I did it more than anything to give the “Almost Buyer” a chance, but when I saw that it was already getting very demanding (without paying), I began to worry.

But well, things that happen.



very nice approach,thanks from my side.


No seller should ever try to make a sale with someone who is trying to get free work from them.
All you can do is tell them to find another seller.

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If there are they are probably against the TOS/breaking copyright law. I also said the OP could show a rough / lower resolution version with a difficult to remove watermark, so even if the watermark could be properly removed you wouldn’t have the product in full resolution and/or with full accuracy.


Let him pay the 5 bucks first! Why should he do anything without an order? Clearly the guy wanted to cheat him.


Please don’t advocate for free sketches. The entitlement, abuse and potential scam attempts that stem from that are annoying (and occasionally traumatising) to deal with.

PS I love the way you went about it, OP. :slight_smile:


agree with this statement

I kinda want to buy your art just so I can get a guy wrapped up in a crazy octopus. :wink:


Thank you! <3 :blush:

Yeah, make a Gig where you just draw octopuses on things LOL

Seems to me also that this person is really taking the squid ink so ask him to put up or shut up as already you have probably done more work than the paid gig was ever worth.

You owe no one anything unless they have done something to deserve it. Vague promises DO NOT qualify as a thing. He can prove his bona fides by putting up cash. Otherwise he is actually proving that he is just another typical Rapper.

(in the music scene Rappers are usually the first to make unrealistic demands based on their impending stardom evident from their talent - which bears as much scrutiny as does that of Don Quixote)

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