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What can i do now? struggling or make a new fiverr account suggestions required!

Dear all fiverr seller i am a new seller here i made my account in august i complete 2 orders with 5 star review then one day i mistakenly bid the wrong job the buyer order me but i am unable to complete his job so i cancelled the order by sending him request to cancel the order and get refund the buyer agreed and cancelled his order

now the problem is that my order complete rate is 67% and one more mistake i did that one buyer message me for order and i did not reply him so my response rate drop to 60%

Please give me some suggestion what can i do at that stage keep struggling and bidding or make a new fiverr account by deactivating this
account link below

Waiting for your reply :slight_smile:

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Completion rate resets every 60 days, response rate every 30 days. I don´t see a real reason for a new account unless you want a new account anyway. Bad review with only few reviews total would be a different story, of course, because the review rating doesn´t reset.

How Is Order Completion Calculated?
The Order Completion formula is the number of cancellations subtracted from 100% over the last 60 days total of orders, including buyer-initiated, seller-initiated, mutual cancellations and Customer Support.
Note* There has been a recent update to order calculation. Previously, the formula included the lifetime history of orders, whereas with this update, it refreshes every 60 days.

Response Rate Indicators will reflect the last 30 days of seller activity.


Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile:

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You can try these

Advertise your gig
Avoid late delivery
Apply buyer request daily

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Always respond on time to new messages. Avoiding that customer was bad.
You could’ve just said that you thought you could complete the order but you failed. Simple as that.
Bid on the buyer requests every day and at first go the extra mile to help the customer. Offer them something that they can’t refuse and don’t be afraid to do some extra jobs.

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You should alway respond fast to customers and try to explain yourself about why you couldn’t deliver on time or why you couldn’t finish your work.You should buy advertising gigs so as to promote your profile or gigs.

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