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What can I do now?

I have a buyer who ordered me yesterday. we contuct before starting order. Our deal was just setup wordpress website. Yes I am ready to do all you need about wordpress setup but my buyer is not happy with that he is now asking more from me to do and telling me he will give bad review and low rating if i don’t agree with him. What can I do now ?

If I was you I would simply cancel this order. If the buyer rejects cancellation just click the cancellation button again. You won’t get paid for the work which you have done but it sounds like you have a buyer who is trying to blackmail you and this probably won’t end well even if you do the extra work they want you to.

Sorry :frowning:

Thank you… he gave me 4 star but my service was outstanding

But he didn’t think so… it happens. Four stars? Could be much worse.

Refund the guy. You only have 2 reviews and 1 of them is a 5 star review. Better to take a loss now (even if the guy is a complete asshat, this is you future career, remember!) and keep the 5-star overall. For future asshats–which are in plentiful supply–report them as soon as they start threatening/abusing you. You’re a professional, and you don’t need to take their brown stuff.

You can take a screenshot of his threat and send it to customer service.
They do not tolerate blackmail like you are describing.

all these funny buyers think they can threaten you with bad reviews, i allow them to post the messages and i simply take all screen shots and send to cs.