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What can I do please? help me please!

I can’t make withdraw to bank transfer! when I clicked to bank transfer, verify by sms to my cellphone, after verifying sms than show me to check my email! but, not got to any message my email! what can I do please? help me please!


You certainly received an email. It takes a few minutes to receive the email.

It becomes a complex process sometimes. I faced same kind of problem. At first try to make your payoneer account and then try to add bank account. Bank account option only means to transfer your money to payoneer account and then you can transfer from payoneer to bank account. The email will be there, check all email folders including spam folder. Also if there is no email then leave it for some hours and try again after that. Sometimes the website takes time to take those actions.

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Same problem with me and now no option available to withdraw my money . :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

you can check in spam to your email account

more time I tried! but, facing same problem!

Yes! there was no more! thanks!

I’ve already payneer account! checked spam, but no more! thanks!

I use my PayPal account. It works best.

welcome Good information

You need to check your email for all instruction.

Check your mail spam folder.
Clean your browser history and cookies then try again.
Taking this action if you not get solution then contact customer support.

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