What can I do to correct the link to my gig?


I created a couple of gigs however, I didn’t like the title of the gig so I edited it. The problem begins whenever i share the gig or even the link, the gig bares the name of the previous title and misinforms any potential customers.

For example the link below should be for a 600 words article instead


Any suggestions??


There is nothing you can do with this besides completely removing the gig and creating a new gig. This is by design and once you create a title it cannot be changed and there are good reasons for this, especially with regards to SEO purposes for fiverr. If you want the title changed you will need to create a new gig.


Like Markp said, you can’t change it. You would have to delete it and create another one, or, just promote your short link => http://5rr.cc/s/3pv84y




@madmoo thats a great idea i had that problem with some of my first gigs too thats finally a good thing to know about in the future.

@marp no its not possible like the others justsaid, but if you ask me as an expert girl in programming it would normally not be a problem to change that


OK, Thanks for the advice, i like the idea of the short link. I will have to use it since i don’t want any potential buyers to believe that i am misleading them.

Always greatful for the quick responses from this forum - Its the greatest


@madmoo, How about with your Christmas Gigs suspending them until next year and creating some new ones?


@simsalabim not sure if the marp was meant to be me but changing the url is not the problem. I am pretty sure it is left as it is purely for seo purposes. By the way I just had a quick look at your gigs and there is a spelling mistake on the image for the flyer gig.


Reply to @madmoo: I would be happy to share with you some of my gig space (just kidding) I only have 3 gig(s), well really just one main one and the other 2 are related to my main gig.