What can i do to earn orders :(


i offer the cheapest thing on fiverr and my quality is high, but i haven’t receive any orders yet.


It is more than likely due to your lack of feedback.

I got my first customer by posting on a few different groups on Facebook. Try finding some relevant groups to your gig and ask people to give you a chance!


Perhaps no one is looking for your “cheapest thing on Fiverr”. :wink:


Please continue Buyer Request Hope you will success soon.


I looked at your profile and your one gig.
Like in this post all of your "i"s are in lower case, they should be in upper case “I”. I read your profile for about 3 sentences and then you have one looooooong sentence that is hard to understand. Make it into 2 or 3 shorter sentences so it is more easily understood.

Your one gig is for whiteboard animation. You have a video where the lady is not speaking in English. A big portion of the buyers on Fiverr are English speakers. So that is a problem. Plus it appears you are a guy and your voice over is a lady. That confused me?

You have one gig. New sellers can make up to six. The more you make the more your gigs will appear on the Fiverr main pages. Look around Fiverr Video and Animation section to see what other whiteboard creators sell.

I wish you success in competing with the huge amount of whiteboard creators out there because if you do not work hard here you do not make it.


Your profile description does not come across as very professional and would probably not inspire anyone to buy from you. Suggest you check out other profiles to see how this is completed but do not copy anyone.