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What can I do to get order regularly?

Hello pearl,

I’ve created a gig about web development (convert PSD to HTML). Now senior please advise me what can I do to get an order. If there are any corrections, please let me know.

Gig link:

Thank you.

Sent 10 perfect buyer request on a daily basis

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But I do not get buyer request. Sometimes one or two. Then what can I do?

Everyday I check buyer request.

Why are you expecting the buyer request section to be your only source of orders?

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Then what should I do?
Don’t mind. Please describe.

I believe my previous comment implied an answer. The BR section is a bonus to your efforts, what you should be doing is taking the time to reach out to your target customers – wherever those customers hang out, showing them what you can do to solve their needs, and convincing them to hire you.

Sitting back and waiting for Fiverr to provide your orders is not how you become successful here on this site. The sellers who are seeing regular orders are earning those orders by connecting to the needs of their target customers.


Thanks for your valuable time.

Send 10 buyer requests daily