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What can I do to improve my gig? would like to hear opinions from everyone!

I have been on Fiverr for about a month and a half and have gotten two sales. Just two. I want and need to get more, and I would love to hear everyone’s opinions. Could you share what I could do to improve my gig? Here is the link to my gig right here: click this:


It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

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Hi @adrian_1976! Your gig presentation overall looks fantastic! Your quality of work shows in the video and photos that you have in your gallery, and you’ve taken time to round out your gig with a solid FAQ as well.

Your two clients seemed very happy with your work and professionalism in their reviews, which is a great sign for things to come. Taking all of that into consideration, I only have two things that I would change-

  1. In the sample video, the segment where you offer logo animation, switch to an original logo instead of the brand name and logo you have used. Using that brand’s name and logo without permission (and I’m only assuming this is the case!), could get you hit with a cease and desist order and potential fine due to copyright. Not a good thing to have happen, believe me!

  2. This suggestion is alittle nitpicky lol, but you repeat some things in your gig description from your bio. I feel you could make better use of the gig description space to let your potential clients know more about your services.

Think of your profile’s bio as the “about the author” section of a book. It’s a great space to let your clients see you as a person by listing some extra details about yourself and other qualifications, or other interests that you have (these could even be related to the services you offer if you want to double down), but it wouldn’t be as impactful if it were simply the same words repeated from the first page of a book.

Other than that, I agree with @lloydsolutions that it takes time and dedication to gain a client base here. Fiverr was a competitive site before, but now it’s become a highly saturated marketplace with the pandemic keeping people at home and looking for ways to make money. Be consistent with your work, and persistent with your hustle, and you’ll go far here.


Thank you for the detailed description. I will go back and do what you said. Thank you.

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