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What can I do to improve my translation GIG?


As the title says, I’m wondering what I can possibly do to improve my translation GIG and also my overall profile.
I plan on working on this a little bit more tomorrow, then gradually add stuff that seems (to me) of importance.

I plan on changing the image and adding different pictures as well, maybe add a .PDF file of exemples as a reference and would like to eventually add a video. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could watch my GIG and give me feedback and tell me what you think about my ideas as well. Thank you and have a nice evening.

Here is the direct link to my profile ;



Dear Yannick:

It probably would make more sense to ask for feedback AFTER you make all these wonderful changes. Otherwise, the people giving you feedback are just wasting their time.

Good luck,

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Be sure to make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, and Fiverrcast.

I suggest you check out Fiverrcast episode 08: Working Through Language Barriers.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist. Please study this thread to better appreciate what I’m talking about here.

Here’s a thread discussing a specific example of a Buyer Request for which I created a gig and then asked for help improving that gig via the forum.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of my thoughts:

  • Gig description is too short. You only have 38 words of content.
  • The words “English” and “French” need capitalising in your gig title.
  • Your gig image isn’t very alluring (I know you plan to change this, though).
  • Add some text about your experience/qualifications. Are you a dual (native) speaker of French and English? If so, this is a key selling point, and will help you to stand out from your competition.


Hello Yannick.

My thoughts…I wouldn´t put the ‘multitalent’ thing in the tagline if you ‘only’ (not meant in a bad way, doing ‘only’ one thing usually indicates professionalism more than a hodgepodge array of gigs) offer translation, but something more relevant, and I´d take the ‘Since: January 2017’ part from the gig image, or put it down below the ‘offered by’, as it is now it sounds as if you only do your professional etc. work since January 2017, which might be a deterrent for some potential customers. Just my thoughts though. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Oh and careful with the 2100 words in 24 hours offer, did you consider what to do if you wake up one morning and 4 clients booked that just after you went to sleep? :wink: Do look into the option of limiting the number of allowed queues on your dashboard, if you haven´t seen that yet, you´ll find it if you click Selling->My Gigs and then the gig. :slight_smile:



‘execute your Buyer Request’? Unless you specified that in your gig description, I hope we´ll read about the more interesting things you get to execute, Blaise. :wink:


Dear Miiila:

It’s just a standard Buyer Request gig. It has no video, because the Fiverr Editors decided to delete the previous gig, I guess because of the video, presumably because it didn’t have Minions

It was a completely original video I made for my niece when she announced her pregancy. It started with a pregnant woman wearing a headpiece inspired by DeadMau5 dancing to techno. Then the same woman after giving birth doing, “I’m a Little Teapot” with her kid, also wearing a headpiece. Then the woman, kid, and her partner being applauded while striking hero poses wearing the headpieces.

Facebook had no problem with the video, but Fiverr decided it was irrelevant to search or some nonsense, nearly costing me a $95 deal in the process, because reasons.

Maddie has a similar Buyer Request gig, without the cool video I made showcasing my ability to create custom characters and apply any of 2500 bvh animation files. I knew I shoulda used a Minions video! (Because Minions are relevant to search!)

Thank you,

Nota Bene for those who don’t understand Miiila’s pun: I mean “execute” in the sense of “fulfill”. It’s hilarious in German!


Oh I see, well, Blaise, you really should have seen it coming that minionslessness would get your gig deleted. shakes head Don´t forget to add ‘Put some minions in your gig somewhere.’ to your Improve my Gig Checklist. :wink: /s !!!


Dear Miiila:

Great suggestion!

I think the Fiverr Forum should add a new section devoted to Minions videos, like, What’s Your Favorite Minions Video?, Improve My Minions Gig, and so on…

What’s YOUR favorite Minions gig on Fiverr?

(There’s so many to choose from!)

Thank you,


The one with minions and minecraft, 2-in-1, a real steal.


Thanks for you kind and great suggestions everybody.

You’re right @blaisefaint it would totally make more sense, I was just trying to get feedback during my sleep though.
Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your great breakdown @mrproofreading, already fixed the title and will add more content.
I will try to make/get images that attract the eye a bit more and be more aesthetically pleasing ASAP as I understand it’s importance. Of course I am a dual native speaking, being from Montreal I got used pretty young to translating things up.
I will write some key points that makes me stand out and will polish it and edit this ASAP as well.

@Miiila I don’t actually plan on only offering this, my profile description could sound a little out of subject as well and I understand you totally. I actually changed it for my name as I didn’t have enough description space to present myself and I will change it back once I have other gigs & educational ones (AKA when it’ll make more sense)
Also limited the allowed queues on dashboard, thanks a lot for the hint. The image will be changed as well. Currently thinking of designs and brainstorming ideas. I’m thinking of removing the EST date altogether for now as well.

Thanks for the advices everyone, didn’t expect that many replies. Wish you a wonderful evening.


As one who writes for money, I wanted to point out your use of the word mould. American English uses mold. I do not know what the country breakdown is here, but I do know that for those who self publish that they often get dinged on reviews for not using American English.


Will make sure to use american english from now on, thanks for the specification.


I mostly read IMG threads because Blaise’s posts can be quite amusing :wink: but as it specified translation gig I took a closer look in case I might be able to help.

Oh yes, the description fields, never enough space. :wink:

Your plans sound all good so far.

I just remembered I should have added something that doesn’t directly belong to ‘improve my gig’ but do read up on (lots of posts on the forum) Buyer Requests and how to use them best, because they can be the key to getting that or those first good reviews to get things rolling, and since those 5 pretty stars do show on profile and gig I guess it kind of belongs here yet. :slight_smile:

And, as a translator, on the mould/mold issue, consider making ‘do you want your text in US or UK English’ or something like that a mandatory or at least optional requirement for your relevant gig/s, you can do that in form of a question or even, stands out more, in form of a multiple choice question.

Also, many people make attaching a file a requirement, which isn’t ideal in all cases (sometimes people whose file you already got per Buyer Request or inbox conversation prior to their order will not attach one as they think you got it already so why, and then the order status stays on ‘waiting for buyer input’)
but it helps against the delivery time starting to tick away against you, if a customer forgets to give you what they want translated, many people from experience see the latter thing happen more often I think, so most seem to choose making file attaching a mandatory requirement. The clock only starts ticking once the customer met all mandatory requirements you set up.

There are some more pitfalls of course, but I’m already past IMG territory so I’ll stop here, but those can be pretty important things for a smoother start I think, you can find more useful stuff all over the forum and of course there’s lots of learning along the way and by trial and error. You sound as if you’ll get along quite well. :slight_smile:

Bonne chance and much fun and success. :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for your attention miiila, I edited my GIG description as recommended by @mrproofreading I checked his profile and will trust him as he’s achieved the type of results I’d like to have someday. If you guys want to look at it, in regards to the description box it is indeed small (or at least to type in two language, but I want to try something out, if it don’t work that’ll leave me twice as much space which would probably be more than enough I believe). I also applied your recommendations miiila, I cannot work on graphics right now but I’ve been brainstorming it as I’ve said though. I also started using buyer’s requests section at the beginning, I don’t remember where exactly but I’ve read about that before… However it’s mostly spam from sellers (lol) I’ve applied for a few though trying to explain with details why they should choose me. My GIG might have been lacking a little bit, anyway I’ve tried to applied everything I know from past business experience but really appreciate what you guys are doing. I don’t exactly know what you are talking about for the reviews as I still haven’t sold a GIG, might be an error or maybe you overlooked but it’s not that important, there should be the shiny five stars there soon enough. :smile: One last note, I’ve also included mandatory file attachement, thank you for the tip, it might save me an headache.

Edit ; Made changes in there too, how does that look ;

I think I came up with some good stuff, personally.

Merci beaucoup pour les encouragements.


Yes, that´s tough, you can try to leverage your FAQ section for that too, the FAQ-box itself has a low character limit too, but you could set up the FAQ alternating English/French.

I probably expressed myself badly, I just meant the ‘try to apply to BR to get your first 5 star review’ belongs in the tips here, because the reviews will show up on your profile/gig and thus ‘improve it/your gig’ once you get them. :slight_smile:

Looks good to me, your set up, depending on how much competition you got for English-French, you might have to experiment with prices a bit to get your first orders without having to wait too long, maybe look at the price structure of other new sellers offering similar/same services as you and if they have orders/reviews. Reviews of course are one of the main attraction points for buyers, alongside the prices and the impression they get from your profile/gigs.

Depends all on some things of course, the competition, your qualification, how soon you need/want orders, how you want to position yourself, which kind of customers you want to attract etc, and while reviews are one of the main points of attraction for customers, you might not want to go too low, because then you might lose customers/business later on when you adjust your prices and maybe attract some customers you’d rather not have, you can read quite a lot of enlightening things on that complex of themes on the forum… don´t stress about it, maybe consider it as a bit of a game of chess, analysing, thinking through different moves, attacks, defences, can be fun. :slight_smile:

BR can be slow, sometimes there´s not anything new a whole weekend long, but there are days like yesterday for example, when the first 4 or so things are all jobs I could do/apply to if I wanted and only 1 seller’s ad then before another couple translation jobs, keep checking BR, it has it´s problems, but I found a few very good jobs through BR, which were/are (repeat buyers) worth it.


I was actually trying to use the FAQ section smartly, haha if you have any suggestions of something I could come up with. I feel like the next thing I need to work most on would be the graphic part now. I don’t really want to get prices too low, as I’d rather start slower than get caught with people that waste my time for 5$ (why I charge for revisions too) haha I guess. I’ve been doing a little bit of social media promotions, I’ve got quite a few views and click percentage isn’t that bad. Can’t wait to see what these changes will do to the conversion rate. I will keep checking BR, it certainly could be better but could give me an opportunity and it’s not that much efforts. Thanks again, it’s really appreciated. :smile:

edit ; also raised words number by a tiny amount to compensate a little bit more for price, and it makes the title more attractive I guess. I could eventually lower it back down a bit once I got enough clients.


One suggestion for your first FAQ: Maybe add a link right there to your profile, where they’ll see and can click the ‘Request a Custom Order’ button, I know, there´s a ‘Contact me’ button on that gig page itself, but there´s a lot on that page compared to the profile page (yet) and anything that saves a customer time searching might help.

Maybe add a FAQ about being Canadian and bilingual as both an English and a French FAQ too, for people who only look at the gig page itself and not at your profile page, think I didn´t see it mentioned in your gig description.

But yeah, working on the gig images may be the important step now then and else, just keep doing what you´re doing, looks good. :slight_smile:


My, you’re so kind… Those are two great ideas, I guess I won,t create a new button for the contact but add it to the answers that already initiates one. And no you’re right, it wasn’t mentionned, but that’s genius (lmao :smiley:) I might just need some sleep but I totally overlooked it and would 100x rather do this than clipping things off the description I fitted just fine (1194/1200 anyone? haha) I guess I’ll just go sleep and try to get those images done tomorrow, maybe I’ll wake up with a nice surprise tomorrow, maybe not, at least I know in what direction to go in. Anyway, the faster I can get this GIG done and polished, faster I can work on other ones (probably totally unrelated) and give that old ‘‘multitalent at it’s finest’’ tagline a sense… can’t wait to put it back :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for your help, will go apply and crash, I guess I need it haha I’m starting to lack attention.
Have a wonderful day, as I just noticed it’s already 5:00, well that’s what happens when you keep yourself busy.



Just wait until the orders come rolling in. :wink: Sleep well. :crescent_moon: