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What can I do to Increase my price?

I started from a year, and I deliver high quality designs. but sometimes I work with good buyers who pay for these good designs and the other want me to do very good design for 5$.
I need tips to target these buyers who pay good.
I also answer my clients requests after order finish to make the satisfied, and deliver all what they need.
But I rarely deal with these good buyer all who come to me are these with very very low budget :frowning:
what shall I do !!?
Here’s my account :

Set your prices and don’t compromise. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to the low prices.

I did that.
anyone came to me with low budget I refused to work with him, in a whole month I took only 1 order.

Then I’m not sure what you’re asking that anyone on the forums can help with.

The avenues to increasing your gig price is to increase the gig value.
This can be done by:

  1. Increasing delivery speed
  2. Improving the quality of your work
  3. Better demonstrating the quality of your work (in other words, improving your portfolio)
  4. Offering additional extras in your delivery (such as all base deliverables including a rough draft, 3 different image formats, or additional revisions)
  5. Starting your base offering at a higher value level (the minimum order being $15 and including 3 designs in different dimensions or sizes, for example - like a logo, a banner, and a high res base file, instead of $5 for 1 image)

Beyond that there’s nothing you can really do other than keep your stats high.
(These are random examples, I haven’t looked at what you offer but you mentioned design so I went with these examples having a design based gig in mind)