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What can I do to make my gig better

I just put it up, any response from experienced Fiverr Sellers with over 500 sales would be appreciated. but I’ll listen to anyone.

Pretty sure you can’t offer payment installments. Second, how big is your team? Third, are you all still together in college? This profile is 6 years old, and most college programs are four-year. (Graduate date in profile states 2018) Fourth, are you sure you want those sample images? Maybe for college students they were fine, but if you’ve all graduated, you might need to update them to be more professional.

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I didn’t offer any payment installments? Where is that?

If you don’t know, then yeah, you really need to consider a thorough profile-wide overhaul. As for where, it’s in the profile description.

Also, we’re very much open to payment installments.