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What can I do to report these guys that work as groups on fiverr?

Hi There, I see you are a regular here, so i am hoping maybe you can assist or direct me to the relevant process.
I placed an order on the 19 Oct and delivery was supposed to be on the 21 Oct 2020. The guy never delivered anything. On the 15 Nov 2020 he cancelled the order. By this time he had all my login detail and license details my LMS program. During this time he did nothing while i uploaded my courses, teachers, integrations etc. He sent me an email confirming that he had to close his fiverr account (************) but that he opened another account called ************. He said he will send me a custom order and complete my work. Yesterday he deleted my content from my LMS. I asked him what happened to my content, he said he was working on my site. Today he says that there was no content on my site. I have lost one months work and content and time that i put into this site and he gets to walk away from this. He sent me an email from this email address: ************ His name is ************ from ************.
What can I do to report these guys that work as groups on fiverr, misleading people. Also incompetent and do unethical things on this platform. Your advice will be appreciated.
Thank you

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Contact Customer Support at with all the information.

Do as @imagination7413 advised and contact They do not approve of this type of seller and in turn that seller gives the honest sellers on Fiverr a bad name. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thank you, really appreciate your help.

Thank you, will do so.

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check the customer support which is located in the footer