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What can I do when a buyere suddnly twice a order

I wand to know abut a twice order. when buyer order a gig suddenly he palace a twice this order. when seller complete the first order and then start a the next one then she understand it is a twice order and buyer request to the seller to canceling the order. how seller cancel the order to avoided effect seller account order completion rate .


Assuming all cancellation reasons affect stats the same way (I’m not totally sure that’s the case) the only way you could cancel it without it affecting stats is to ask CS to cancel it without it affecting them (they might not do that, though sometimes they say they have no control over that but it doesn’t affect stats after they’ve done it) or I think after 7 days if it’s not started you can cancel it without it affecting stats.

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hey @uk1000
is there any easy way to contact customer support to talk about this issue.

You can contact them at:

i can’t chat with customer support . who it possible ?