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What can I do when a seller keeps harassing me, and sends derogatory comments?

I had a bad experience with a seller for book promotion. They were quite rude, and it went terribly. all other experiences I have had with other people have been great. I gave this person a 2 star review based on my experience. They then hounded me over and over to change the review. Finally they told me they would re-run ads and post classified ads, etc. I said that if they make it right, I will change the review. When they got around to doing it, it was less than satisfactory, so I told them I would change the review, but only so I wouldn’t need to talk to them anymore. Now I am getting continuous harassing messages from them. Below is a message that has been sent to me 5 times, and who knows where else it has been posted.

“A word of advice, this Casey Sopapilla Shazam is a real scam and fraudster, you will work and won’t get paid, if you are a girl he will still r*** you, you better desist from b****es like him.”

What can I do to get the word out about this person? Is there a way to report them?

please open a ticket with customerr support and file a complaint so that the trust and safety team takes a look at this seller’s profile.


Strange! BUT why did he behave like this its ridiculous.

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That’s awful! That is definitely not an acceptable way to act :frowning:


Wait a second…does that blotted out R-word stand for what I think it does? I really hate when that word is used in a figurative way.


Yes, and she went and posted that paragraph on all of my recent facebook posts, so everyone I know could see it

as she said, “if you are a girl” I don’t think she meant it figuratively.

Well, that’s really horrible. I’m sorry that happened to you :confused: I hope that she leaves you alone soon. Those are terrible things to say about you.



This type of behavior is unacceptable! It’s shameful that there are sellers on this platform conducting themselves in this manner. Please provide screenshots to CS of the disgusting comments. As a buyer, you’re entitled to leave an honest review based on your experience with the seller.


Report and block! This is only time and energy consuming - can´t believe how people waste their time by bothering others…I bet they don´t have much to do with their lives lol

please report them. That makes us legit book promoters look horrid.

I have reported them. On Fiverr and Facebook.


Well, Fiverr said, “Sorry that happened”. Then said, their privacy policy prevents them from telling me anything at all about any steps they may take. So I guess that’s it. Her profile is still up. ****…please, nobody ever use this person’s services. I wish that I could go in and write my review over with all the new info, but I can’t see how to do that. Thanks guys.

Mod Note: Seller name removed

A gig offering to promote a book to 900 million subscribers for $5 should never be seen as “legit”.
@caseybartsch I wouldn’t worry too much about them bad mouthing you anywhere, I doubt they have any real way of doing any real promotion/damage.
The message you got from CS was just an acknowledgement of your issue. It will go to the trust and safety team who will check it properly. It can sometimes take days or weeks for a result but I have seen them remove sellers for less than what you put up with so I would suggest you just forget it and move on!


This is actually hilarious. Not just the price, but also a subscriber base that consists 1,3 of the planets population. That has to be one ***** popular person then.


Also gigs claiming to give you millions of email lists.

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I agree that the ad was always pretty silly, but at the time, I was just trying it out for the first time, and figured, 5 bucks, let’s see how it goes. I am not so concerned about hurting my promotion potential. I am concerned when my mother posts on Facebook about how much she loves her sons, and this person responds that I am a rapist. It isn’t easy to forget that.

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I get that and it is inexcusable from that seller.
I’m sorry it happened to you.

You can b.t.w. set up your FB account in a way that you decide who can put stuff on your time line. You can also block users, so they can’t see your profile, comments etc.


I’m sorry that happened to you, It’s just one of those things. Better buyers will come. Keep up the good work!