What can I do when Buyer doing Fraud with me?


What can I do when Buyer done Fraud with me. Done proper work and buyer doesn’t get any feedback. Is auto end task bad for my Account?


Not giving any feedback/rating isn’t fraud, it’s just the buyer decided not to, for whatever reason. Buyers are totally free not to leave a review if they don’t want to leave one.

It probably isn’t bad for your account. It’s better than a bad review/rating though less good than a 5 star rating. As long as you have a good enough rating in the last 60 days it shouldn’t really matter.


Thanks for your comments. Now It’s clear.


thank you sir for your valuable words


Sometimes, we sellers might think our delivered work was super perfect, but for the buyer, it may not be like that. They therefore seeing your effort and still did int get what they wanted might however decide not to leave a review that would alter your account.


It does not matter if a buyer leaves a review or not. You will still be paid.