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What can i do when buyer make a order without fill out the required information?


1 day ago, I have get a order without having required information. I requested to buyer to fill the required information to start the project. But he is still offline. I want to know that what problem will happen to me if buyer never contact with me.

Advance thanks!


send friendly message to remind for submit details. if not replying. send again after few days.he is not reply to that too…cancel order after few days.


Try to contact buyer. if you cannot, Call CS and cancel the order.



I am agreed with you, this way will be perfect… :slight_smile:


I’ve had buyers order custom songs without giving me details in the past. So… I make up a song about them anyways and do the most cheesy 80’s production I can think of. In both cases I got repeat business.


Thank you for your advice. I’m already message to remind for submit details today. Have there any fixed time frame that i need to solve this problem in fiverr restriction. If so, please mention it. I want to wait for few days. Will it good to me? Or i need to cancel the order by contact with customer support?


No specific can wait years if you want.and i’m not contacting customer support…cancelling order through resolve button.why we bothering to custom care when we have button to cancel order.


But i think cancelling order will make bad effect on my profile. So i can wait. And i will try to contact via massage.

Thank you again.


Dear, Its simple . You send Remaind button adn your buyer get notification. Then order will be start.


First, did you state specifically the information you want your buyers to fill when placing an order? If you did this and it’s part of your gig description, if the buyer doesn’t fill them, the order count down will not start. If this is the case, there is nothing to fear and you can wait as long as you want for the buyer to come back and fill that.

If it is the case where there is no fixed requirements for the gig and the buyer has placed an order whilst the order count down has begun and buyer didn’t provide you with order requirements, If the order count down will take a while, I’ll suggest you wait a bit for the buyer to come back online for that because cancellations affect your rating and even if you want the buyer to cancel, he still has 2 days to accept the cancellation.

If any of these do not apply to you, you can cancel outrightly.

All the best


Fiverr has developed their system.
You can start the order by yourself but clicking i have everything to start.

Otherwise you can contact with customer care


I know, i can start by clicking “i have everything to start” But have not minimum information to start the project.


Thanks for your time.

I have fixed some requirements in my gig to start the project. Buyer just make a order. And the order is waiting for buyer requirements. I’m just waiting for him.


dont cancel your order. just do whatever you feels like there should be done in the project and deliver your work on your own. If your client wont reply you within 3 days the order will be completed and you will get your earnings for that project :wink:


You’re very correct! He can choose that.


You can ask for the information
Otherwise you have to contact with fiverr


OP, don’t cancel the Order because there’s no reason to do so. Since you don’t have the information to start, you cannot start and don’t click the "I have all the information . . " link. Buyer may be offline packaging brief/requirements for you so be patient. Since timer hasn’t started, you have nothing to worry about. I have similar order for 8 hrs now but couldn’t start because Buyer hasn’t sent details. In my case, Buyer recently informed me that he’s waiting to receive the project’s details, then forward same to me. Your Buyer ought to have equally been in touch rather than keeping you in suspense. So, do not cancel. No need to contact CS. Just wait patiently.


Thanks for your good advice. i’m waiting for him.


Wait patiently, but if the buyer doesn’t reply and the deadline is approaching better cancel the order or you will get a negative feedback. I speak from experience lol :frowning:


lol. timer is not triggered. so there’s no deadline.