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What can I do when buyer make a order without fill out the requirements?


I got all information from buyer in inbox, but when he accepted my custom order he did not fill out the requirements. Does this mean that he will maybe trick me and not pay me for the project when I finish and send it to him?
I’m still pretty new to Fiverr and any help would be really appreciated


I’m also new to Fiverr, so I’m not sure about everything yet. Is there no way to open up a dialogue between the buyer and seller? I think I saw a new ‘inbox’ feature which is similar to instant messaging. So maybe you could do it that way? Best of luck!


How can you complete the project without knowing what the requirements are?

No, because you can’t finish anything without having what you need to be able to start it.


Because he already send me info requirements in inbox, but offer can not start if he does not fill them there as well. That’s what I don’t understand. Because there is no countdown on offer


You can tick the box on the order page that says ‘I’ve got everything I need to start’ (or similar) if you’re sure you do actually have everything you need.

That will start the countdown for you.


I already send him a reminder and told him everything, at first he was confused, but now everything is in order. Thanks for your help!


Oh okay, thanks for this tip, I didn’t know I could do it that way as well.
Thank you for your help!