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What can I do when the customer's request is very difficult

Hi there,
I’m a new seller at Fiverr. I’m create Gig to receive order about PSD website design. But my customer need design a website have a lot of animation like transform or scroll,… What can I do? Can photoshop make that thing? Or some tools to make that!
Thanks for reading <3

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If your service is just for a PSD, that sounds like a mockup of a website, not a website. Maybe you need to make that more clear in your gig descriptions and make sure you understand what you offer. I’ve never heard of an image that functions as a website itself with animations and such. I’m no expert on that, but you may have to cancel if you can’t provide what the buyer thought they were getting.


Yup, thank for your reply <3

Maybe you can design animation insideAdobe after effects and export it for web as a svg file format?

I think this is what your buyer asked you to do

You can’t export animation in .SVG. Moreover, After Effects is for video editing, not for graphic design. And the animation is rasterized, not in code, nor in vector format. .GIF and .APNG image formats are the only animated image formats (there may be more, but those are the most common).

And the images are non-functional. Nothing will happen when you click a button inside an image. For example click that it’s an SVG, not a code:


And now click that (I added HTML):

A sample SVG button.

An image itself can’t do anything without some code.

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Yes you can save it as svg file and then import it to adobe xd and do what you like with it.

i meant to write illustrator.

Lottie and bodymovin are the tools I have heard can export animation made inside after effects for UI design or for android studio.

Basically you can export it as a gif too but gif files get big in size pretty fast and are not always compatible with every mobile device. .svg files are scalable vector graphics which means UI designer can easily scale them according to some particular device.

I rarely use after effects for video editing.Mostly use it for mographics