What can i do?


Hello everyone

My name is Jibon Hossain.I am a freelance 2D/3D Artist, Motion Graphic designer.my fiver account age is 50 days. only 3 sales in 50 days in my gigs.one buyer give me 5star and othe 2 buyer give me nothing.Now how to increase my sales. I share my link Facebook twitter but it not effect my gigs. Now what can i do ? plz help me.


My very first advice to you is to change your avatar image.

Did you work on the character from Frozen? Were you part of the production team of

that movie?

If so, using the character as your avatar does make sense, but if you did not work

on the movie, change it to your own work.

If you really are a designer, you should be presenting your own work.

Personally I will not trust a “3D designer” using a character image that they did not create.


@talha515 Use the forum search (upper right corner), then find and read some of the many hundreds of posts already written by experienced sellers about how to improve and promote gigs, find buyers, make sales, etc.