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What can i do :(

No orders
Do I have to announce the services I provide in TV !!? :smiley:


At the beginning is always hard to get the first order. Try editing your gig description a little bit more, explain what exactly you offer and your advantages buying from you than other sellers here. For example (time delivery, multiple revisions and etc). Don’t worry you will get your first order soon :slight_smile:

i hope so , thanx and i wish you good luck.

Thank you :slight_smile:

it took me 3 Months to get my first order… Some people got their first order in just 3 hrs… So it takes time… have patience and keep improving your gigs… edit the keywords weekly once so that your gig is more visible…

thanx , wish you good luck…

Thanks for your nice guideline!

Please read through and follow the guide below to improve your gigs.

You need to try to market your services at other places (like forums, blogs, etc) if your gig does not stand out on Fiverr.

Don;t worry! You just signed up this month, you will start getting orders very soon if you try hard enough.

thanx i will

thanx alot , fainlly i got one order and finished it

Well if you decide to promote your gig on TV, contact me, I will give you discount. :wink:

It takes sometime buddy, remember take off is always the toughest part.


If you keep spamming by inbox and forum posts, TV won’t help you on Fiverr. No spam, please.

thank you a lot, i hope to get more, For your cooperation.