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What can I improve about this gig of mine

This is my gig:

Would the average buyer of your services know (or indeed care) what this means:
HTML, CSS and Javascript are the languages I will be using together with tools like scss, npm, git, jQuery, vuejs, bootstrap, tailwindcss and a lot more.

Why not show some examples of websites you’ve created - you’ve got 2 spaces for pdf presentations, and 3 spaces for relevant images. Make good use of them. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with @smiler3d.

The product that you offer could be difficult to sell.
What you describe seems to be an hand-coded, custom built, static website, something that does not need a database or a CMS like WordPress or Drupal to run. Loved by a niche - it’s the equivalent of the fixed gear bicycle in this sense - it’s a solution that has its advantages, specially in terms of speed, but nowadays it doesn’t seem the choice of the average man on the street.