What can i offer for 5 dollar


I am Daniel, new to this wonderful website FIVERR.
I managed to meet a friend, who is already making cool money from FIVERR.
Then I decided to join FIVERR, don’t really know what I can offer for 5 dollar.
Any idea will be helpful. One love.


Search the marketplace and see what sparks an interest. Think of something you are good at and see if it is being done here.


Thanks for your response. I would have love to venture into voice over at least I have a deep voice or venture into singing because I have good singing bass voice.
I’m now worried that, that I might not get sales been a black man from a black country.
What do you think.


It doesn’t matter.

What matters is what skills you have, how good you are at them (for example, you mention voice over; are you a trained voice actor with at least a few years of experience, or maybe self-taught but really good, or is this line of work just something you’ve been thinking about?), and whether you’re able to utilize those skills to offer something of value to the buyers.


Offer Ur expertise at things that ur good at…


I will check him out. Thanks.


Do not get paralyzed by the what IF’s. You never know until you put up a gig. Take some time to go through the Fiverr Acadamy and blog to see how to get started and how other sellers found their success.


First ask yourself this question,what service can you render on Fiverr that people would buy. Fiverr is a platform for you to market your service.


I read lots ebooks to see if I can come up with some kind of service that am really good…


What are you good at?


Please don’t volunteer other Fiverr members as mentors. You are inviting people to spam other sellers. volunteer yourself only.


I don’t really know what am good at. All I know is that I can sing very well. Am a bass singer. And I love singing most especially I sing songs by late Jim Reeves.


Alright, didn’t mean it that way. I was just throwing up a ball. After all can’t we all use a little help sometimes? :wink:


Check out thevoice over category.


I understand you had good intentions.


Will check it out and see what I can get from there.


Hi @virtualast007,

ALL HUMANS with a passion based ability are capable of earning a significant income at our marketplace should they spend the time on cultivating an experience whilst delivering a product that truly provides value to other humans along their entrepreneurial voyage. I’m a black man also, but my pigmentation has had absolutely nothing to do with me sharing my creativity to the world spanning my 7 year fiverr tenure. I encourage you to don’t fret too much about these internal monologues as a positive perspective is key to success no matter who you are, and no matter what you do.

You’re from a progressive country as Mark Zuckerberg most recently returned from a visit there to encourage the Nigerian startup sector. I’m pretty certain that investments will soon follow, because there are many positive and progressive people who have worked hard on re-framing the narrative surrounding your region.

As for success and sales, you must not only read and study every resource available to you at the Fiverr Academy, but I encourage you to take free business and entrepreneurial courses from a couple of my favorite resources like; ‘iTunes U’ and ‘The Khan Academy’. My hope is that you (and everyone with the question of ‘how’) key in on that last sentence and simply run with it, because the more you know, the more you will undoubtedly grow as an entrepreneur in and outside the marketplace.



I’m really happy to hear this kind of words. I will check on iTune u and see what I get. Thanks to you.


It depend upon your interest and skills. If you have skills already then start selling it. Search about your skill, you will bundles of peoples offering the same services. You can idea by reading their gigs,


Hi there Daniel,

My advice would be to find something that you love doing in other words it is a passion, get good at it and offer it on Fiverr.

Passion equals purpose and purpose equals potential.