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What Can I say to this image?

On daily base, i am getting clicks on my gigs, but getting any order. Share your views about it


Maybe those views come from keywords that are not much relevant to your gigs and people are clicking it out of curiosity?

I had situation like one of my clients found me randomly searching for completely different service.

Well, there are a few reasons.

Maybe do a search for “why am I not getting orders” in the search window on the Fiverr Forum home page.

That will give you some stuff to read that will enlighten you as to what’s going on.

Good luck.

Well, first understand that 7 people looking at your Gig doesn’t really translate into 7 buyers. In terms of stats that doesn’t even translate into 0.1 of a buyer.

The internet is a very inefficient mechanism. It is in essence the complete opposite of the Sniper Maxim of: one-shot one :skull_and_crossbones:

To get even a beginning of a sense of if those stats mean anything, you need to know what the Impressions were. I don’t know Fiverr averages but I would not be at all surprised at something like:

1,0000 Impressions - 100 Clicks - 1 Buy

and that may be being positive.

if no clicks ever translates, it may be that there simply aren’t enough buyers compared to sellers. It may also be that your offer isn’t a good one, or that your offer is not wise one. The latter is far more often the real issue (combined with a lack of equally wise buyers perhaps).