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What can we do about the weekend orders?

Hi everyone,

Last 30 days I completed about 70 orders and I needed a break. So I decided that I won’t work this weekend. I mean, I always combine work and family at the weekends. Do some work, play with the kid, go somewhere and have some fun, go to a meeting with a client. Always trying to satisfy both clients and my family, but I decided that this weekend will be all family.

And then suddenly during the night between Saturday and Sunday I receive two express orders, that need to be delivered at Sunday late evening… This is just so ridiculous… Is there a way we can prevent this from happening? I mean I can’t go to a vacation every weekend. Does writing a statement in the description help in this case? I mean, this doesn’t really stop them from doing it… Am I missing some option here?

Thanks people and have a nice evening!

Next time you need time off…

A few days ahead…

  • Turn off your Express gigs
  • Extend your delivery time
  • Or suspend your gigs completely (the vacation option is glitchy)

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Yeah, I think this will solve it. Thanks!

Now, as a result, I have 2 orders late and it’s almost 2am here… Do you think this will affect my rating in any way? I mean, I will deliver in 24 hours for sure, but when I wake up tomorrow…

Reply to @wadsolutions:

Orders can be late with no penalty… But once an order is late the Buyer can cancel because you are late and it will result in neg feedback. Best to contact the Buyer (before going late) explain situation and let them know you are working on it and will deliver asap.

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Yes, exactly what I do. Actually, they can cancel after I’m late with more than 24 hours, right? At least, this is what Fiverr alerts me… I had some late orders before, but never with more than 24 hours and now will be the same.

You could always turn your extra fast delivery off for when you won’t be able to handle it. Kinda’ skimmed and apparently the person above me already mentioned this. But yeah. What I do for my main focus gigs is set a really long delivery date. Most of the time I deliver within a week but I don’t make promises for a quick delivery. I also try to focus on targeting individual buyers to work with, rather than bulk $5 orders.

wadsolutions said: . Actually, they can cancel after I'm late with more than 24 hours, right

Not sure I understand the question. However orders can go late for hours, days, weeks, indefinitely. But once an order is late, a Buyer can just cancel it without contacting you.