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What can we do, as an IT company from Asia?


From Vietnam to be exact.
We offer web, mobile apps and IoT solutions. As a company, we would like to focus on quality and creativity (which of course require higher pricing plans). With that direction in mind, is it possible for us to get projects on Fiverr? If yes, how?

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Hello there! :sunny:

The first thing I’d do is to check out what your competitors are offering in terms of price - I think you might find that $850 for a 5 page website in 19 days might be bit excessive for a new seller with no reviews.

Have a look around the site and get a feel for what’s being offered, who your clients might be on here etc.

Also, having your website address on your gigs and as your avatar is against the ToS - I’d remove it quickly if I were you! :wink:


Agree with @offlinehelpers New sellers usually offer lower prices until they move up the levels. You will find the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so that you know the rules as to how Fiverr works. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I didn’t know that, thanks for notifying me!!

Gigs may include pre-approved website URLs contained within the Gig description and requirements box. Gigs containing websites promoting content, which violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service, will be removed.

Anw, I’m checking the ToS, what does “pre-approved website URLs” mean?


From the seller help centre - you’ll find all the good stuff in there! :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally, I think your target audience is not on Fiverr. You might get a few leads from here, but if you have the know-how and experience then I would target medium-sized companies not small business owners looking for a low-cost solution. It would probably take months before you build up to the price range you’re after and your team of people won’t survive on $5 requests.

PS. If you’re selling website design then your own website needs to be flawless. You might wish to hire an SEO specialist to optimize your site. Start with the basics like SSL certificates, on-page SEO etc.


Hello, I see you offer quality and creativity and are saying it requires higher pricing.

If you want to get sales on fiverr your starting prices needs to be in the range of $100. If you build up your reviews on fiverr, in time you can charge more.

When there are proven site designers on fiverr who charge less than you, it means you will need some patience and to create sites at bargain prices for a while.

It will be worth it in the long run if you can do this.