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What can we do if the buyer has problem texting in English


I have a buyer who is having difficulty texting in English and she is not able to convey her requirements.
So can I talk to my client in their preferred language.
Any advice will be helpful



If I were you, I will:

  1. Ask my client to translate his/her requirements using google/bing translate
  2. Ask them to send you the translation

But the problem is:

  1. I need to tell this idea in a concise, simple, and easy-to-digest message
  2. Google/bing translations are quite messy

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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It might be difficult for her to use the translation software.


FYI, they are not softwares which need to be installed.

You could simply send the google/bing translate page link and tell her to copy-paste the requirements.

Check the page by yourself, and you’ll find that they are straightforward to use. No need to sign-in or something else.

There’s only a white box which need to be filled with the requirements, and the translation will automatically appear.

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Is there any way you could use Google translate to translate what you want to say into the buyer’s language, and then they can so the same?

If that’s not going to work, the only thing you can do sadly is to cancel, and maybe speak to CS before you do, so you can explan the buyer’s language problems?

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Thanks for replying.
Can we talk to a common language that we both know?

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I would think you could, but I’d ask CS first, and maybe add English translations to your conversation as you go?


I think, if there are options for multiple languages then we can talk to our clients in their preferred language.
Any insights to this?


Just be careful if you would like to have a communication using non-English language.

I predict that even you have informed CS to use certain language in communication, the messaging system will still flag and warn both you and your client, since it is an automated system.

But if CS have allowed you doing so, I think it won’t be a problem.


Thanks for your reply.

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I often use different languages as do clients of mine.
When it comes to making a custom offer or any major details, I write them in both English and the other language in case CS wants to check it.
There is nothing in Fiverr rules and I have never heard anything about not using other languages - but just be sure about the details you give/receive.


Thank you very much,Sir. :smile:
My client is not very fluent in English so she is creating too much delay in responding to my requirements and all of a sudden she started texting in different language which I know.
I have a running order with her. So, as a new seller I thought of asking in the forum.
I do abide by all the ToS of Fiverr.

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Fiverr supports the buyer-seller relation if they are using ■■■■■ for business dealing. you can contact the buyer using their ■■■■■ id to direct vcall or call so that they may easily tell you what they want