What can we do when buyer asks for limitless modifications and threatens?



this is an issues i experience sometimes with buyers ,finding dificult to explain to them how the fiverr system works,and they just dont care.

However,it all goes good untill this user come in to use my services “smarieo”…

I have completed his order,and sended him the files and he ask modifications which he didnt mention in first place,so i explained to him that every modification is now payd and i just cant do so much work for free.Then he answered me that he will let Fiverr support know about this issue,which is normal kids behaviour,and i just wanted to keep the bullshit away and keep my work in peace so i completed the modifications for free,cause he wasnt okey with paying them.After i delivered modificated work,he requested 4 more different modifications.And still wanting modifications,like he is trying to sneek out with the money that he paid and the work that i delivered him,which is another sign of kid behaviour.

As a 2level Fiverr Seller i told him how the system works,and he just doesnt care,so any advise would be useful,i know the easyest way is to just cancel the order ,but i completed it with a lot of hard work and get nothing for now,which is not good.

Thank you,

would be happy to hear opinions! :slight_smile:



Wow, that’s B.S. I hate when people treat artists like that.

Unfortunately I’m not very experienced. I think the only thing we can do when that happens is report those users to customer service. It does take them a while to respond though. I think there’s also a block user/buyer feature you can use once they help you dealing with him.

Hopefully he/she doesn’t make a new account though. I’ve heard of instances of that, plus stalking.

P.S. You have a great gig gallery. Don’t let anyone tear you down like that.



Cancel the order and take your loses. You have value and talent and don’t need to be
harassed. Say bye bye and cancel. If the buyer refuses, just keep cancelling until they accept or report the situation to fiverr admin.


My 2 cents? I agree with edume! If I were you (and I was a few times), I would cancel the order and ban the seller from ever ordering from you again. Think of it like this: on the long run, he’s the one that loses, not you.