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What can you buy with one gig in your country? (Around The Globe Discussion)


Interesting topic, that I would like to hear different stories from sellers/buyers around the world. Where do you come from?What can be done with $5 in your country?

In Macedonia, you can go to a pub and drink 2-3 beers. You can have a “nice” dinner at a restaurant that is not too pricey. You can buy a few groceries for the day. But it’s not enough money, definitely to spend the day with.

Note: I live in the capitol city, so it’s a bit pricier than the other cities. Usually in the smaller cities you can do a lot more for $5.

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UK - $4 = £3.20 ish, a large cappucinno in Starbucks, so not very much at all really.


i come from Nigeria and i could buy a shirt with one gig


Some cheap sandals, or a boxed lunch, or a huge bottle of coconut water, or four bus rides.

(Random maybe, but these are things I have actually bought)

Edit: I’m from Jamaica


I could take the bus to the nearest town and back. I could get 5 quick coffees or a couple mini cakes in the town (village really) I live at. At where I’m from (I live in a different country now) I could go and happy a meal…
At McDonald’s :smiley: or go to the capital from my town.


I’m from Bangladesh. I can go out, have my launch at restaurant, take a bus and return home with a 1 liter Coca-Cola :innocent:


The square root of Sweet FA outside of some cheaper drinks (non-alcoholic) and cheap food. Outside of that, idk, maybe some junk from a Chinese discount outlet store?

Greece has stupidly high taxes for stupid reasons, so those need to be added onto the pittance…


Greece… I was in Thessaloniki two weeks ago, it’s really expensive. I feel you. : )


Where are you from? You haven’t mentioned.


Thanks for reply. I am from Bangladesh. And where are you from?


4 lts of Coke.
A cheap bottle of rum or vodka.
A medium pizza with two or three toppings.
30 eggs.


Pretty much the same as in my country. Except, we can buy less eggs as one egg costs about 0.30 or 0.40. :slight_smile:


Greece is in an economical shit storm right now, hence things are more expensive.


For the $4 from one gig: two small bottles of water. Or a couple of small hamburgers at McDonalds. A bottle of katsup and of mustard in the grocery store, or a half gallon of non organic milk. 12 non organic eggs.
1.5 gallons of gasoline (petrol).

I buy organic milk and eggs to avoid the chemicals and pharmaceuticals in those products and they cost twice as much as regular non organic ones.


:us: ~ Shop at a Dollar Tree or something! They sell everything $1 makeup, nail polish, snacks, pet supplies, household stuff, decorations, birthday cards, and other cool shit. The cards & mylar balloons are pretty nice!


out of curiosity @misscrystal , why organic? we are all going to die eventually.


@miroslavglavic I have a sensitive system. I can’t choke down most eggs for instance.


Yeah… I used to live in Columbus Ohio… also BigLots was cheap.


regular bananas last about 15 days.
organic bananas - I tried them, they started going bad 24 hours, and by 3 days, they were mostly bad.


This question was directed to Misscrystal but a lot of people prefer to buy organic here in the US since a lot of food items contain synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics which is not the standard in most European countries.

It’s just gross!