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What Can You Do If Someone Orders and Cancels Multiple Times?

Hi all,

I just had someone order a gig , then cancel within a couple of minutes stating that my description wasn’t clear enough. Although with 400 sales to date and with only 12 cancellations, I don’t think anyone else has had the problem. The same buyer then went and purchased another of my gigs and did the same thing again, cancelling stating that it was not what he wanted.

Now I have two cancellations in a matter on 10 minutes. While this won’t take my count up much, I was just wondering what course of action there is. I mentioned to the buyer that I had one more gig and if the same thing happened again, I’d take it to resolution.

Just want to know what the normal course of action is.

Kindest, Videoltl

I’d report them to Customer Support. I smell a cancellation ratio sabotaging rat. :frowning: