What Category Of Clients Do You Work With The Most?


Personally, we get a ton of Real Estate clients, as well as individual companies who are trying to stat out.

How about you, what category of work do most of your clients belong to ?



Are you on a one-man mission to ask a question of the day, every day? At least you haven’t capitalized a RANDOM word with this one.


Emma Emma Emma…
Just, why… ? :slight_smile:


Well, you didn’t deny it…




hahaha well noticed… but he/she asks good questions…


I get individuals randomly…


I get a lot of local radio spots it seems… usually to advertise a store at a local mall, or local businesses. Probably second most popular client is explainer/whiteboard videos. they. are. everywhere. As I’m sure you’d know-- it’s good time to be in that business! :wink:


Awesome, indeed we noticed :wink:
Feel free to refer people to us, and we will do the same !


All of my clients are businesses / freelancers.
My number one gig at the moment is infographic design and most are for promotions on Pinterest or Blog.


I call it data mining. I haven’t figured out what purpose for yet, though. Later today he’ll post “What color is your FAVORITE and why?”.

Or something like that. The questions are only “interesting” because they’re profiling questions and humans are naturally curious about others and love to talk about themselves. That’s why these questions are often used as icebreakers. As a conversational gambit time and time again, however, it raises red flags.

You guys can do what you want, though. Personally, though, I don’t trust these questions, and it’s tedious seeing new high school first date questions on the latest activity list over and over again.

Feel free to awkwardly smile at me in response, OP. It says more than you think it does.


Emma, honestly… Life is not that complicated, and people are not constantly trying to ‘get you’…
If you want the honest reason to why I post questions everyday, sure :slight_smile:

After reading the fiverr recommendations on how to elevate your profile and aim for a top rated status, I have realized being active in the forum is one of these ways…

The questions I post are very general questions to get the community to reply and be involved…

No hidden reasons, no hidden fees…
Just trying to get involved in the forum as much as possible, hoping to catch fiverr’s attention…

Hope that settles it :slight_smile:


Also, (And I hope you can believe this)
I truly enjoy seeing peoples comments…
We worked on fiverr for some time now and I personally love the site and spends all day on it… kinda like you… So to see other’s members commenting with funny replying and interesting insights, is always something I can appreciate…

Can you ?


Honestly I am quite sick of it.

I think he might have received recent enlightenment that partaking in the forums will help him achieve TRS status by being part of the “Community”.

Hence him divulging in these 20 question as if he’s a contributor for Cosmopolitan magazine.

He needs to stop and I am quite sure I am not the only one with the sentiment. He came into my thread about real-estate and right away started a thread stating all his clients are real-estate. Thanks buddy for hijacking my thread!


I fail to see how it can bother somebody ?
Simply do not participate if you do not want to…

Why the hate ?


No hate. Simply sharing my opinion. And I guess I was right about why you are doing it.

(Secret Tip) Partaking in forums has zero effect on TRS eligibility.

Scouts honor!

You want to be part of the community, fly to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and take part in FIVERR SPONSORED community events to introduce yourselves. THAT is community involvement.


Posting on the forum will not make you a Top Rated Seller.


Well… Thanks for that, indeed you are right as I have stated above that is why I have been active.
I believe it does have an affect (as fiverr stated).
Currently I am not able to fly to these locations, so I partake when I can…

As mentioned above, simply do not take part if you do not see fit…

Thanks again though, I do appreciate the answer :slight_smile:


The community participation doesn’t matter for the TRS stuff. Trust me, it really doesn’t. I became a TRS long before I joined the forum.

More problematic is the weird questions. Forums, as you know, are about interaction. Asking a question (e.g. the money one, for example) without detailing your own answer and then :D:D:D at all responsibilities is… well, if you can’t see the problem here, let me highlight it for you.

It’s narcissistic–there were already posts about this kind of stuff. At best, you’re going to get some people saying “$250 a month” or people making shit up. Who cares? Perhaps you have a blog and you’re used to this kind of chat, but forums are a different beast altogether.

You can imply that I hate reading other people’s posts, but the obvious problem with that passive-aggressive implication is that I read pretty much everything and usually make a comment. I might post a thread once a week, sometimes twice, but not every day, and not packed with inanities and paternal pats on the back for the commenters for your own enjoyment.

Besides, you know this is how doxxers get their info, so it’s also naive of you to think that this can be entirely benign, even if your intentions are.

The truth is, life is complicated, because other people make it so. In this case, I’m complicating a thread asking what people people work with.

But sure, go on ahead with the passive-aggressive responses and smiley faces. :slight_smile: It’s OK to be naive, but just remember what I said about unsavory people complicating life and your potential complicity in it, realized or not.

You only need to see the “normal” answers to this post to realize that it wasn’t worth posting.

Anyway, come to my anti-Fiverr party post tomorrow to celebrate their free shit party that none of us are invited to (but inevitably going to have to suffer with a celebratory post from HQ while simultaneously ignoring the constant downtimes since Sunday and the actual issues on the site and the forum. Remember that change your password security bug from last week?).

I’m guessing you won’t, as that would harm your ascending star. But here’s a clue: you’re just another 20% robot to them, blog features or not. The shiny gold stars are a nice touch, but they ultimately mean nothing, as will the TRS when/if you eventually get it. Ultimately, all these are literally gaming features to get you hopping up and down at their bidding–which is exactly what you’re doing, without realizing it and thinking that you’re doing a great thing.

The truth is, look how often I criticize Fiverr and yet nobody listens. Look at Fiverr’s reputation on Google. Fiverr’s not doing a thing to adjust that. You know why? It has an infinite supply of people like you and me, and an even more infinite supply of buyers who want good stuff cheap. Do you REALLYthink that someone’s reading your question comments and adding a check to your TRS list?

The answer is no, they’re not. They look at your results. The forum is broken is another clear indicator that nobody gives a shit what is posted here.

Anyway, let’s have that new post about favorite colors, or something scavenging around for a password, hm?


I’ve just answered the whys. You can believe in anything you want, but the evidence is there.

And you know, nobody’s telling you not to post all these posts, just that they’re boring and annoying. It’s an open forum, so you can do what we want, as can you.

:slight_smile: <–this is annoying too. If you’re annoyed by it, then think how it annoys others :slight_smile: