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What causes a gig to disappear from search

Is fiverr responsible for gig disappearing from search?. My gig just disappeared from general search. This thing happens on and off, but this is the longest it has stayed hidden from general search, but visible in relevance filter


If you Edit your GIG then you gig will show in 24 to 48 hours.

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I didnt edit my gig recently. It is visible in relevance filter but not on the main search (recommended)

They rotate gigs in and out. I have several of my gigs that haven’t showed up in main search for a long time, but I still get some inquiries on them.

Ok. Does it mean the gig is visible somewhere else?. I will be relaxed if i could see it at least. I think fiverr owes it to sellers to show them where their gigs are, even if they are been rotated

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I haven’t been able to find some of my less popular gigs for a while now, they show up when I search directly for them, but not in the topical categories.

This is a popular gig, and i monitor it closely. so for it to disappear from search, gives me concern