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What changes can be made to a gig without it becoming a new gig?

Hi Everyone,

I am planning how to split up offers between by gigs and therefore wondering the following as I plan:
What changes can be made to a gig without making it a new gig?
Can I change the title? The description? The price? Can I add packages?
What changes will result in it becoming a new gig without the existing reviews ect?

Thanks so much for your help

There is no hard and fast rule on that. It’s up to discretion on both yours and Fiverr’s part. Say you have a web programming gig and you change it to something more specific then I wouldn’t see a problem with that. But if you changed it from, I will code html to I will code Python then it’s quite a big leap to make.

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Just like wolfhowler said. Don’t stray to much from your gig specifications, just expand or reduce to degree that you see fit for the gig description.

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@wolfhowler @dressyfiddle Thank you for your help!