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What changes I must do in my new account after getting banned

Fiverr will banned me soon. I want to create a new account. What changes i should do? I NEED CORRECT INFORMATION



You may only create a new account if Customer Support allows it. If you create a new account without their permission, you’ll just get banned again.

When asking Customer Support for permission to open a new account, ask all the questions you’ve asked here; they’re the only ones who can give you an official answer.


Another person trying to game the system. Damn, and they are wondering why they don’t have success on Fiverr.

Why not FOLLOW THE RULES instead of trying to ignore them and finding an easy way? WORK HARD, PROVIDE THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and you will achieve success. Game the system, and you just get banned.

  • Fiverr reserves the right to put any account on hold or permanently disable accounts due to breach of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards or due to any illegal or inappropriate use of the Site or services.

  • Violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards may get your account disabled permanently.

  • Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on Fiverr.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Read through ALL of the Terms of Service so you know what Fiverr’s rules are.

Please ready the Terms of Service properly …thanks

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