What changes i need


Hello friends, i have created my gig a long time and i am not even getting any response or orders from it can you please help me or let me know what changings it need.
Any help will be highly appreciated


Hi coinhunt, I typed coinhunt into the search bar and was unable to find either you or your gig. Can you put a link to it here?


send buyer request and also improve you gig if you think something to change in gig


Thanks Sir :slight_smile:


Hi INDYBUTTS ,its a link to my profile


Please consider hiring someone here on fiverr to help you with your description and profile.
I am assuming that English is not your first language as your gigs are difficult to read.
A proofreader will work wonders for you, and give you the best chance of selling your gigs.
Please don’t be offended at mt remark about English as I am trying to help ,not hurt.