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What Changes Would You Like To See On Fiverr


Hey friend !

We would love to know your opinion about this.
What sort of changes would you like fiverr to introduce or go through ?

Personally, (from a Seller point of view) we would love fiverr to allow more gigs to be added (Currently the maximum is 20), as we would love to try new things and ideas, and see which work best and which dont.
With room for more gigs, we can truly be versatile and work with what is currently selling, while removing and updating what is not.

How about you ?


Protection for PayPal chargebacks. That is the ONLY thing I want from Fiverr. Everything else is perfect.


Changed their term and service as some of it does not suitable for seller


A seller has nothing to fear, if they deliver top-quality work.


I would like a way to know with certainty that if I take a vacation of a week or two my gigs will be put back where they were when I come back.


I would like the ability to block some clients from hell to ever ordering from me again. Since fiverr just lets anyone order from you, you don’t have the option to decline. If you’re going to cancel, your rank gets diminished.


A feature that I was making use of,while on other platforms,that would also benefit sellers on Fiverr is tests. Short online certifications that would present a seller’s level of competency and experience in a given area. That way, scams are weeded out and serious professionals can justify their quotes in relation to their knowledge and experience. It’s a win win I think


Hey, what do you mean ?
Can you explain further what the situation is ?
We would love to know !


Well said ! :slight_smile:


Such an important question ! We would love to know that too !
Many parts about fiverr (when it comes to sellers) are vague and leave sellers scared and unsure.


Very true ! Many clients go nuts knowing they have a little power over us the sellers…


Interesting idea ! I have seen it before on other sites indeed.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


Judging by the amount of people asking me to sit their English exam on those other sites it is not foolproof. I think the exam idea doesn’t really work in anyone’s favor, it makes buyers think that they need not do anything other than check qualifications. When hiring a free’lancer it is necessary to do some due diligence before ordering, unless it is very low value order.


Amen @writer
The situation is vague at best.
When a chargeback occurs, the money is taken from the sellers funds. Paypal payment is between Fiverr and the buyer, so the seller has no say in what happens. It is up to Fiverr to respond to the chargeback on sellers’ behalf. A chargeback of $100 I had was never queried, challenged or questioned by Fiverr and the Buyer’s account is still operating. CS gave me nothing about it, just saying they couldn’t do anything about it and could not discuss another user’s account with me.
Buyer got the work and didn’t have to pay. It was one part of a 4 part order, thankfully they didn’t do them all. I did everything as suggested by CS but still got screwed. Now, I still get the same responses from CS when talking about other, larger orders.
The response is basically, do this, this and this, making your buyer feel like a criminal, and then maybe, just maybe, if you are very lucky and have a nice CS person, they could, possibly, probably not help or challenge the chargeback.
(I know my comment sounds like hyperbole but I’m actually understating the confusion here)


Thanks for the info !
Cheers :slight_smile:


“When hiring a free’lancer it is necessary to do some due diligence before ordering, unless it is very low value order.”

Like this! This goes overlooked, even a question beforehand may suffice.


I disagree. My biggest fear as a seller is Paypal chargebacks.

Sure, as a seller, abiding by the ToS is fairly easy. Do honest work, deliver on time, don’t spam or hassle buyers or other sellers, and don’t exchange contact information. But I’m rather defenseless from manipulative or exploitative buyers and chargebacks that won’t give me a moment to defend myself.


I’d like to be able to have a say in the orders I accept. Buyers make orders without reading (or perhaps willfully ignoring) gig descriptions and gig requirements. Sure, we can get those orders canceled usually, but it’s a waste of time and energy for all involved (including CS). If I were able to accept gigs (much like a buyer accepts a custom offer) then I could choose the projects I work on.

One could even make a time frame for accepting the order. Much like one can choose delivery time, one can choose acceptance time. Gig A has a delivery of 3 days and acceptance of 12 hours, Gig B has 24 hour delivery and 2 hour acceptance. If the seller doesn’t accept the order, the buyer is never charged so no one loses money (or is refunded in credit, which is notoriously a hassle to use).

Also, obviously I’d like Paypal chargeback protection. Make optional contracts for larger orders (like over $50 or something) wherein both seller and buyer state the gig description and timeline and agree to work and pay accordingly. Then, should a chargeback occur, Fiverr can show Paypal a contract that shows it wasn’t fraudulent. Or, at least, make an option where the seller can fight on their own behalf since Fiverr doesn’t want to do it. Playing middleman is a lot of work and if Fiverr loses money in chargebacks they should have an incentive to let sellers do the work to get their money back!


I want a “Report” button in Buyer Request section to block dumb “sellers” who put their services here.


How does providing top-quality work stop scam artists from scamming people? How does providing top-quality work stop a buyer from taking advantage of a seller?