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What color should I use on my gig picture?

Hi, what color(s) attract the most customers. I feel like my gig pictures are lacking and want to know how I can improve it and what colors I should use. What colors pop and grab attention?

Please give me any advice you have.


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I’m not a designer, but I think your gig images look good.

I’ve seen some people grabbing attention with bright colors like yellow and red. It hurts your eyes but grabs your attention.

I prefer to keep things clean. Whenever I see those “popping” thumbnails, I tend to think it’s clickbait and move on. But there’s some psychology to it, which is why almost every Youtuber these days have popping bright yellow horrible thumbnails.

Not my cup of tea, but it might work.

I see you sell design services, so this might be something you want to learn about to become a better designer? There are many great posts on color psychology out there if you do some Googling.

Best of luck!


That’s a great idea. Didn’t even think of that. Will for sure look into it. Thanks.

@jephu100 It’s personal opinion!