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What comes to your mind just before you click on the Deliver Work button?


As a new seller, I can’t help but wish I didn’t do any mistake, or didn’t send the wrong files. I know those can be fixed but may be the thought came about because I was trying hard to do a good work to accumulate the first few important reviews. Sometimes I wonder whether the buyer will like what I deliver.

But after sending the work, I feel relief somehow.

What about you?


I’m always excited to deliver my work because I know I’m a sucker for perfection and I apply that to any job I handle.

So far, it’s been 5 star all the time, apart from the few times that buyers never gave any ratings on the delivery.


After you have been here a long time you stop wondering if they will like it.


Always a great moment and a huge sense of accomplishment to press that big green button. And always a fear of that “revision request”-notification (luckily I haven’t gotten it since last year). Then a big relief once they leave a review or it has been three days.


Excitement, relief and a “feel good feeling”


“OK, done!”

“I hope he/she likes it.”

and also
“I’m never gonna work with you again.”



Never had that feeling but I’m sure I will one day.


I hate to tell you this, but yeah, you will.
Luckily though, it doesn’t happen that often.

It DOES feel good when you’re done though, that’s for sure.


Come to mind: oh god done it timely…Hope not making any mistake…
And check again folder, files and zips…
Then Hardly press on deliver now…


Hey guys, what comes to my mind when delivering to my clients, is that I hope the work that I put in improves their business and bring them peace of mind. I love what I do and I love working with my clients to ensure they always get the best results. :slight_smile:


It’s a big relief particularly when the timer turns red and time wouldn’t want to wait for you.


I understand what you mean. Sometimes I find myself getting lost in delivering the best results that time pass by so swiftly.


At the moment I click the delivery button time seems to slow down until it comes to a complete standstill.
The earth opens beneath me and I fall in a hole without bottom.

Once I fall so fast I can’t feel anymore if I’m still going down or are floating upwards, a bright white light appears.

I feel older than the age of the earth. My life flashes before me, and not long after I see the lives of all humans who ever lived or ever will live playing before my eyes. This overwhelming feeling continues until I pass out and wake up with a bleeding nose, on top of my macbook.

No, just kidding. Most of the time I think ‘meh, on the the next order’.


Money, money, money is usually on my mind. :money_mouth_face:

The O’Jays comes to mind.


“Fly, my little creature. Fly, and become part of a beautiful video/phone system/radio ad/whatever. Until we meet again when I randomly stumble upon you on the internet.” And then a little tear slowly pours and travels through my cheek.



@torrelles Sounds familiar Celine, Creed or hmm? :thinking:

Either way, I like it. :smiley:

Outta :broken_heart:


I just make sure that everything is complete and then I go to the next thing that I have to do.
I don’t think about money, reviews or anything like that. I just go ahead with my daily routine.


Your gigs look amazing. I’ll hire you if I need Spanish voice over one of these days. :smiley:


As for me, can’t help but hear kachingg! :laughing: in my head