What concerns & Questions international sellers have about US Taxes while doing business in USA?


As a foreign seller on Fiverr, what are the US tax related questions one can have?


I just checked and see you are an IRS certified tax adviser. You should have the answer to this probably already. If they are not located in the US and have no office here then they owe no taxes here. Right? Any money they earn while in the US requires them to pay US taxes.


No. Non-residents are also required to pay US taxes. That’s why I created this post to clarify the ambiguities.


Do you mean US citizens living in foreign countries? Why would they be responsible for taxes from fiverr earnings? I’m not sure of the answer, just wondering. What do you mean by non residents?


As a seller outside the US, when I sell ebooks on Amazon, Amazon makes me fill out a form - forgot the name of it - which is in relation to US taxes. What happens is they do deduct the tax money from my earnings, but at the end of each year they send me a document with which I request that money back. When you’re not permanent resident in the US, you don’t pay taxes there. But perhaps you do have to officially declare your sales and then they give you the tax money back - I guess that’s why this happens.

But haven’t seen Fiverr asking me to fill out any forms for that matter, so it’s not something I worry about. They are the platform we use to sell, it should be them that know the laws and let us know if there’s something we should be doing when it comes to taxes - just like Amazon does.


Fiverr is not a US company.

Actually it’s my understanding that if you are a US citizen outside the US and get money from working at a US company you have to file taxes for that.