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What could be better about my gigs and profile?

Hi Fiverr! I already made a post about being a new seller, but wasn’t allowed to ask for advice in the same post. So, based on my profile and gigs, what do you think I can do better to get more orders/good reviews?

Thank you in advance :blush:


Hello :slight_smile:
The very first thing that got my attention was this:
“I’m a 13 year old college freshman”

You’re 13 and you’re going to college??
IF that is true, that’s quite impressive. That means you are a gifted student (or at least I believe you are, I was 18 when I entered college!! ), and that itself might be enough to attract buyers.
On the other hand if it’s a mistake, you might want to fix it right away.

Other than that, I don’t think there really is a problem with your gig, it’s just that
since there are so many similar gigs out there already, it would be hard to stand out.
Maybe you should add a link or something to your past work?
Are there any articles you have written in the past that shows your skills?


Even im 13 in my country I am in 8th grade idk about your country maybe you should change it as it’s a little confusing

Also try adding a video of yourself talking to gain buyers trust and get more click’s
The best advice I can give is to provide quality images as most buyers don’t read discriptions and the gig image gives the buyer the first impression of your gig.

Sorry if there are any grammatical errors as I’m typing fast as I having classes rn


Honestly, I would omit your age entirely from your bio. If you are indeed a 13 year old college Freshman, good on you, but you have to understand that the vast majority of clients are going to skip over your profile for that reason alone.

In the United States, a minor - typically defined as someone under the age of 18 - cannot legally consent to a contract by themselves. Presumptively, you’ve crossed all the ts here and had your parent or guardian sign you up here, but at the client level, you’re a big ol’ problem waiting to happen. Even if your creations are “technically” legally exchanged for money, it doesn’t take a lot of digging for a rival company to stick a “uses child labor” bit of gossip on your client and stick it to em in the stock holdings.

As an older, wiser (psshhh) writer, let me gently offer some advice - dial back the eagerness. Omit “anything” from your writing, titles, etc. Define your own edges and boundaries, or your clients will, and they will shape you into something that benefits them, not you. What do you like to write about? Make that your focus. “Here’s what I do. If you’d like me to do this for you, let’s talk” as opposed to, “I’ll do/write anything for you, just ask!!” The latter’s asking for difficult clients that want to take advantage of you.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback! Yes, that statement is true, but another person suggested I omit my age entirely, so I think I am going to do that to avoid problems with buyers avoiding minors. Technically I am started college next fall, though, so do you think I should say that instead?

I don’t have any past work; I’m trying basically to start from scratch :neutral_face:


Technically I start college next fall, but yes, that is true. I have crossed all the ToS and my parents helped me sign up. I will definitely dial it back a bit. Thank you for the advice!

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Dang, you are indeed a gifted young lady then, good for you! :smiley:
I agree with @thatwordchick said, people might skip over your gig simply due to your age, but at the same time I am a bit worried that some sick people with bad intentions might try contacting you because you are a teenager.
I’m not trying to scare you or anything, but sadly there are plenty of weird people out there, and you clearly saying that you are a teenager might attract the wrong crowd.

Starting from scratch is perfectly fine, but it might be a good idea to start writing something on the side during your free time, so if a buyer asked for your past work, you’ll have something to show.

Good luck!


The beauty of Freelance is that you can write whatever you want! :slight_smile:

I always suggest to newbies that they make their first “job” their own portfolio.

First: find a local business to you with awful landing page text (typos, boring, too short, etc) and rewrite it. Swap out any mention of their name as “X Company Plumbing” or something like that, something that makes it obvious it’s a placeholder. THEN (this is the important part) take a screenshot of the work - shrink it down on your screen with ctrl and - buttons if you need to in order to fit more in the shot. It’s okay if it’s not the whole thing, this is just for your portfolio. (Do a before/after screenshot if you want to do an editing gig)

Then, write a 300-ish word article/blog about something you love, but do not use first person (e.g. “I” / “me”). Very few clients want anything written from the first person perspective so you don’t want to have that as your example, and by writing something you care about, your passion and word choice are going to be more thoughtful and well-formed by default. Give it the same screenshot treatment.

Then, go on Amazon and - just like with the local business thing - find an item that’s written very poorly / obviously foreign and poorly translated, preferably an item you’d actually want to buy, because again, it’ll shine through in your work. Give it your treatment, take a screenshot. (Do a before/after screenshot if you want to do an editing gig)

An afternoon of work and you’ll have a nice minimalist “Fiverr Portfolio” set of pieces that you can add to your gigs. :slight_smile:


Hide your age.
Use an avatar.
Be wary, weirdos…

Other than that, GO FOR IT and don’t let anything hold you back.

I don’t care if a seller claims they went to X, Y or Z college, or university, or have a degree in whatever.

I care that they’re competent, and I care that they deliver.

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Thank you so much! I was wondering where to start and that is super helpful!