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What could I be doing wrong


My name is Ewurama, I have been on Fivver since March this year and I just set up my gigs. It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t had any orders. I had one person make an inquiry and that was it. I am reading how all people are saying they sold within their first few weeks etc. I am wondering if there is something I could be doing wrong. I haven’t seen many people from Africa here, is it possible that it is because of where I am located?

Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you!

I believe you have some really great gigs going. They say it just takes time to gig the gigs to be patient. I know how you feel, I to am anxious to get my first order. I too am here in forum to see if I missed something. I don’t think it has anything to do with you being from Africa. I read last night one week is good and one week is slow. Maybe it has to do with school starting and of course the holiday Labor Day.

I wish us both success, =D>

WEll, I look at your gigs. Overall they are very nice, I just had a few comments.

In your profile take out that you have been drawing sinxe you are 6 years old. That is not relevant in professional experience. Just say Yu have been drawing for more than 10 years orsomething like that.

In your textile gig, I do not understand what it is? What does small medium and large size mean? YOu might need to explain it more.

In your article writing gig, I’m not sure about this, check and research other high rating sellers who do articles, but when you talk about the buyer giving you an attribution, that may be a turn off. When you sell on Fiverr it’s a work for hire meaning as soon as you deliver it, the copyright belongs to them and they can say they wrote it if they want.

On your short story gig, I think you need to give some examples of the kinds of short stories. At first I thought you meant creative fiction stories, but then you talk about how you do research so then that made me question what the gig is.

The best thing to do is to search for other sellers who sell gigs that are similar to yours that are high rated and go read what they write, the kinds of photos they use and get some ideas on how to make your gigs stand out even more.

Patience is a virtue - the gigs will come in

When you do start getting gigs, make sure you deliver at a high quality and you will be fine

Oh, and don’t forget that the customer is always right!