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What could i do after order cancellation if buyer still using the logo


Hi there
i had two completed orders 2 months ago. orders for a two logo in same company. moment ago the buyer cancelled those orders and funds are waiting to reverse. big lost for me. so i checked there web site but it’s down. then i found their Facebook page. when i check the page i found a picture of their shop which uploaded 2 days ago. in this picture i noticed they are still using my logo.technically they can’t use my design from now on under any reason. is there any way to stop this.? looking for advice


Leave them a review on Facebook saying:

"This company hired me to create the logo you see above. After delivery they reversed payment on this and other completed projects. Do business with them at your peril."

It won’t get you your money back but it will give you some ever so sweet revenge.


What if it was the middleman who did the chargeback, not the company?


He’ll find himself out of the job like the middle men who try and scam me do. Everyone wins. :slight_smile:

Who placed the order and who cancelled it is not the buyers problem.


Middleman or company, whom so ever has filed the chargeback, it has been filed on behalf of that company only. So, leaving your words on their Facebook page would be a good option.

If some middleman has done it, he/she would get fired when it comes to the company’s reputation.

Everyone should know their dealing habits and should be aware of them and think twice before doing any kind of business with them.


My words? I think you meant the OP, not me. I don’t make logos. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if the OP chooses to do that, there could be another problem: Trust & Safety might see it as contact outside of Fiverr, and he could get an account warning, or worse.


Sorry, wrong reply button pressed by mistake.


If CS has followed Fiverr’s own TOS, a user using a chargeback will have been banned. In this case, they are no longer a member of Fiverr and no trust and safety rules apply. In the case that CS cancelled the order, the seller still has every right to demand that the buyer in question immediately creases using it.

If Fiverr cannot protect sellers, Fiverr has no right to interfere in ho they latter attempt to protect themselves.


I hope you’re right. Getting an account warning after being scammed would be really too much.


I love reading your sharp response to these sort of things. You’ve obviously dealt with many a scammer, and know how to handle them by this point.