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What could I do for that final push of clicks into orders?

I’ve been running a gig using a Facebook ad but I can’t seem to get that final push into getting orders. I understand that as a new gig with no rating it might look less trusted although on Facebook it has been getting a few likes. So I don’t think I’m entirely off the mark.

I’m open for any advice in what I could do to turn at least a portion of the few dozen clicks I do get into orders.

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Suggest you make more gigs to further showcase your talents. Have a look at other sellers in your category for ideas but do not copy anyone.

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Making more gigs I can look into.

No copying is a no-brainier for me but thank you nonetheless.

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Hello Spacer176,
You can try with other social media like Linkedin,Google plus,twitter,similar group of your gig in facebook to boostup impression,views,clicks turns into order.

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