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What could possibly go wrong?!

Hello, Thanks for dropping by.

My Fiverr Gigs, has been dropping in impression lately despite having over 80 reviews and been a level 2 seller, though now level one. And not making sales

Having made a few changes to my gigs recently, I have not gotten sales in recent time…What could possible be wrong!!!

I will appreciate if you can help me access my profile and gigs, to see if, something is wrong. User link below please:


Hi Archilurd,

I think that, if you were getting more sales before making those changes, then it might be good to try and revert back to how your gigs were before you changed anything up.

But besides that, if you haven’t made any major changes, and you haven’t upped your price, then it’s simply a matter of your competitors showing up on search results instead of you.

I see you’ve had an order 9 days ago, if you’re in a hurry, maybe try changing your gig TAGS a little bit around. Make your gig tags as specific as possible and then see what happens with the impression in the next few days.

Hope this helps


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Saved a friend…A lot has changed since then, thanks