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What counts as late?

Fiverr please add a way to see if an order is marked late so I can see after the order completes if it was late or not.

I’ve looked through my settings/analytics and can’t find any tag/marking after the order is complete. I’ve been getting a lot of late orders lately. Some my fault but some seem a mystery.

Do orders that are delivered on time but have a revision requested that is delivered after the original due date count as late?

Do orders delivered exactly on time (like seconds) count as late? Is there any grace period?

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If you go on to an order page and look where the timer used to be, you’ll see the words ##LATE## in red if the order was late.

After you deliver and the order is complete that area disappears.

Look at your delivered orders on the Manage Sales page. You’ll see a column saying Due On and one saying Delivered At and you can compare those dates. It won’t show you exact hours but it can help if you were late more than a day and delivered on different dates. Same goes for the completed orders.

For all I know, there’s no grace period. As soon as the timer reaches zero seconds, the system sees your order as late. I once had to deliver an order 20 seconds late. Of course, it counted as a late order and impacted my stats. So try not to do that unless you absolutely have to. :slight_smile: