What CTR determines a successful gig?


Hi Community!

I’ve just started selling on Fiverr, and sales have been slow. I posted 2 new gigs yesterday and just saw the stats:

Gig 1
30 impressions, 7 views, 4 clicks, 0 sales.

Gig 2
50 impressions, 14 views, 6 clicks, 0 sales.

I know this is the first day and I’m not expecting sales right off the bat, but I’m hoping to get a benchmark from expert sellers on whether the views and clickthrough rates are considered high? Also to note is that no users have added me to ‘favourites’ within these stats.

Also, how long do you generally wait with no sales before deciding if you should change something on the gig or scrape it altogether?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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