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What currency are gigs created in?

Hello, newbie here. I posted my first gig. I have my setting to show Canadian dollar so I put in the gig amount in what I was looking for in Canadian funds. Now checking out my gig the amounts are increased because they were obviously US funds. Is there a way to post in the currency I’m looking for instead of figuring out exchange? thanks

I found this in the buyers section of the help pages:

If you are viewing Fiverr in your local currency and want to view your balance in U.S. dollars, place your mouse over your balance amount next to your username.


Otherwise, no: I don’t think there’s a way. (Probably because exchange rates fluctuate so much.)


What currency are gigs created in.

  • Gigs on Fiverr may be offered at a base starting price of $5. Some Gigs are offered at a base price of more than $5 as determined by the Seller.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page .

Everything is explained there in great detail.

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$USD Currency
United States of America dollers

Though when you enter the gig prices they have to be in US $ figures (in multiples of $5) you can then click “save and preview” and the preview will show it in the currency you specify at the bottom of the page.