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What customers like?

I ask you as a customer?

What do you like about the service seller?

What if the price of expensive vendor services?

And what if the seller service prices low?

Reply to @voicetex: Yes there can sell with grammatically correct.

but the quality of the product is not influenced grammar.

The buyer buys the service is not written.

Posts just push a deal, do not encourage repeat purchases.

The quality of the product will affect repeat purchase

I like sellers who write English well as my first requirement.

Good communication is important.

Writing properly shows professionalism.

Prices should be low, work and professionalism high.

Reply to @misscrystal: I entirely agree with this and I have been buying more than selling lately.

Reply to @misscrystal:

Low price.

The lower figure what price?

And high quality like?

I buy $5 gigs sometimes that are wonderful. Some I’ve purchased are not even worth $5.

If I am very happy with what I get I always tip.

High quality means being absolutely amazed and delighted with my seller and what they delivered. I am a generous tipper when this happens. And I am a repeat customer, coming back again and again when this happens.

Many sellers here need desperately to work on improving their written English as a first step to getting more sales. If you can’t write proper English, you will not get nearly as many sales. That includes a lot of people selling writing gigs. Some have horrific writing skills.

I understand when English is not someone’s native language and I know how difficult it must be, but this is the first thing American buyers notice about a gig–the way it’s written. If the grammar and wording is not correct, we notice and avoid that gig.

Reply to @misscrystal:

Well said!

I see people with writing gigs here and they don’t write with the most basic grammar, nor do they know how to spell simple words I learned in third grade. It makes me cringe when I read their posts.

Writing is not the only aspect of the service is good.

Many of the members do not come from the American fiverr

Reply to @fonthaunt: So I have to buy my articles to get gigs in purchasing?

Reply to @seobookmarkbest: I’m sorry but I really don’t understand your question.

Reply to @seobookmarkbest: If buyers cannot understand what you write, you are going to have problems. It’s not about what country you are from. It’s about communication. You might offer great service but I haven’t been able to understand most of what you have written in this thread.

[Link to gig removed here]Try This Link Instead

Reply to @mirajgeb: In case you don’t see the other one, you have been repeatedly warned against hijacking threads with your spam. You have also had access to the forum Do’s and Dont’s along with everyone else. Thread hi-jacking is not appreciated.

I’ve sent several examples of your spam to Fiverr admins so they may look into your account. This is not the way to get buyers.

Good quality and fast delivery.

I recently purchased some stories for children from various sellers. $5 per story was their offer and I took it.
The sellers came from all over the world and some boast that English is their native language.
There is just one thing to consider: being a native speaker of a language does not mean being fluent and able to write correctly.
I commented on the bad grammar and spelling, but told them it’s ok for this story, I will proofread it myself. The ideas were good and that’s what I was most interested in.

Nonetheless do I expect a writer to be fluent in their working language. And if I know (as a seller) that I am not all that good with grammar/spelling, I have to make sure to double and triple-check or employ a third party to proofread the text.

I am, for example, quite good with spelling/grammar in both my working languages, but I am as creative as rosebud in winter.
That’s why I translate and don’t copyright :smiley:

  • I like people who deliver what they advertise. Don’t advertise that you’ll do [x] for $5 and then turn around and tell me it’s $25 for what’s listed as a $5 gig.
  • I like interesting and unusual stuff. Benny and Millie’s Joke Shop has been a real kick!
  • I like gigs that let me do good - I just sent a bouquet through for $5. Really. $5 to make someone happy.
  • I like gigs that offer something I can’t do myself, or that take me a lot of time. Honestly, I can paint a rock myself or play with Photoshop. I can’t however, draw a true sketch from an old photo, and the amount of time it would take me to make a family tree ( is worth a lot more than $10.

Good luck with your business!

Reply to @spiderexx:
Why are you on a $5 site then, if you think you’ll never get quality for $5? That’s a decent amount of money in some places and for some gigs. When people advertise for more, that’s fine. I paid $80 for two sketches I ended up not using, but the artist was upfront about it and her time was worth that. I’ve paid $5 for good things, too. You have to remember the currency exchange when comparing prices.

somtimes when a buyer see low prices though of a low quality work

If it is a good Topical.

However bad product, it is tantamount to writing products in good and poor quality products.

The value of the quality of the goods can not be determined by just writing

Your gig is your advertisement. We can be disgusted when we see such bad writing so we just leave that page. It doesn’t matter to us what is being sold if the writing is awful. But if you want to keep arguing that the writing of the gig doesn’t matter then if that helps you it’s ok.

Many buyers are Americans and we do not care what country you are in, as long as you can communicate in a learned way to show you are professional.

You asked the question but don’t like the answer.