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What day of the week do you get the most orders?


As the title says, what day of the week do you get the most orders? Just thought it might be interesting to see. I usually do the best on fridays or saturdays, but sometimes I get a lot of orders on a weekday.


I notice Monday I get alot of orders than usual. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the least busiest for me.


Must be different types of gigs sell at different parts of the week. People might be thinking more about their hobbies at the end of the week when they have more free time. At least that is my theory.:joy:


Monday to Wednesday. :slight_smile:


Mondays as well.
Saturdays are definitely the slowest, which is awesome :wink:


Monday to Wednesday US time.


Lol I must be the only one who gets a lot of orders on weekends


I’m surely a part of the Monday to Wednesday bandwagon. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are usually slowest (in order of progression).


If it helps, my next busy day is Friday US time. The rush for the weekend I suppose. :slight_smile:


Yeah. Friday is usually a good day for me


Mondays are often heavy here too…