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What determines average response time on Fiverr?

Hi there,

Do you know how Fiverr usually analyse their ‘average response time’? My average response time is usually 2-3 hours according to Fiverr. I just saw that it’s been extended to 10 hours. How is that possible? Although, there was a day someone contacted me to submit application for a proofreading job. I clicked to reply but it was not accessible and a dialogue box said that ‘this person cannot be reached at this time’, which I tried to reply at different (many) times. Does that makes it the 10 hours as the average response time? I’m just curious to know in order to improve, and hopefully to get orders. Your explanation or useful advice will be appreciated .

Thanks for your time.

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here are the details how average response time is worked out. it’s gives a completly inaccurate view as it’s only from first time messages, nothing else!

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